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I am Alexander  

A contemporary developer with proven innovations in sustainable technology and a commitment to making a positive impact. Experienced in agile development environments, specializing in industry-leading, cloud-based applications. Proficient in Java, AWS, SQL, and IT project management, with a keen focus on performance, scalability, and reliability. Excited to contribute to the software development lifecycle, collaborating with senior engineers to drive innovation and deliver high-quality solutions.

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2022 - 2023

Masters MSc Computer Science 

York St Johns University  – London 

Core Courses : Software Major

  • COM 7032M –  Artificial Intelligence Concepts

  • COM 7033M – Cloud Computing 

  • COM 7034M – User Centered Design 

  • COM 7035M – Agile Software Development  

  • COM 7036M –  Big Data 

  • COM 7037M – Internet of Things 

  • COM 7038M – Cyber Security  

  • COM 7039M – Machine Learning   

  1. Specialized in cutting-edge technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Machine Learning.

  2.  Conducted extensive research on implementing AI algorithms for data analysis, contributing to the development of a predictive analytics tool.

  3.  Applied strategic methodologies in User-Centered Design, Cyber Security, and Agile Software Development.

  4.  Developed proficiency in leveraging tech solutions to address real-world challenges, showcasing a commitment to innovation and practical problem-solving.

  5.  Was a student ambassador during my second year for international students where I provided support when needed.   

BA - ICT Bachelor of Information & Communications Technology   

Swinburne University of Technology  – Australia 

Core Courses : Software Major

  • COS 10009 – Introduction to Programming 

  • INF 10002 – Data Base Analysis and Design 

  • ICT 10001 – Problem Solving with ICT

  • ICT 30001 – Information Technology Project 

  • INF 10003  –  Introduction to Business Information Systems 

  • COS 20001 – User-centered Design 

  • SWE 20002 –  Development Projects 1 –  Tools and Practise ICT 30005 – Professional Issues In

  • COS 30043 – Interface Design and Development 

  • COS 20007 – Object Oriented Programming 

  • TNE 10005 – Network Administration  

  • COS 10011 – Creating Web Applications 

  • COS 20016 – Operating Systems Configuration 

  • COS 30017 – Software Development for Mobile Devices 

  • INF 30029 – Information Technology Project Management 

  • COS 30015 – IT Security 

2017 - 2020

Minor Courses : Business

  • MGT 10001 – Introduction to Management 

  • ORG 20003 – Organisational Behavior 

  • MKT 10007 – Fundamentals of Marketing   

  • MKT 20021 – Integrating Marketing Communication

  • MGT 30005  – Strategic Planning 

  • INB 20012 – Asian Regionalism And Global Business  

  • HRM 10003  – Human Resource Manegement 

  • INB 10002 – International Business operations 

  1. Achieved excellence in modules such as Object-Oriented Programming and Database Analysis and design, laying a solid groundwork for software development proficiency.

  2. Demonstrated project management acumen through successful completion of Development Projects and Information Technology Project Management courses.

  3. Acquired practical skills in IT Security, Network Administration, and Mobile Device Software Development, showcasing adaptability and hands-on technical expertise.

  4. Consistently maintained a commitment to academic rigor, achieving a well-rounded education that combines theoretical knowledge with practical application.

  5. Successfully implemented an innovative mobile device software development project, enhancing user experience and functionality.

  6. Diversified academic pursuits with minors in Marketing and Management, underscoring a holistic understanding of IT within the broader business context.


Software Development, Database Analysis & Design, AI, ML, UI/UX, Web Development & Design, Wireframing, IT Project Management, Agile Scrum Master, Communication & Team Management.      

Professional Experience 

Versatile technology professional with a master’s in computer science and a strong foundation in software development. As a Remote Front-End Developer with a Security Focus at CIPANE Cyber Security Consultants Ltd where I offer freelance services, I excel in mitigating security threats and enhancing web application security. Simultaneously, as a Team Leader at H&M Oxford Circus, I generate the highest membership and ensure organizational effectiveness. As a Junior Developer at Suburban Fiber Company LTD, I optimize website performance through strategic Front-end development.

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H&M | Oxford Circus – London 

Part time | Team Leader 

2022 | Present 

  1. Acquiring some crucial Team leadership qualities to enable me to ensure organizational effectiveness and efficiency from a personal note as well as inspiring fellow team members.

  2.  Due to my prowess in interactions and communicating ideas, I generate the most H&M membership in my department which Is in turn highly notable in the entire store enabling us to meet our Daily membership targets.   

  3.  Was Able to manage and schedule rotas for staff in my department with minimized to zero conflicts and adherence to fairness which in turn effectively matched available resources with business needs.

  4.  Was Able to administer till training to new staff members as well as other related support to ensure new members meet their KPIs.

  5.  Oversaw the monitoring of Store membership in real time in other to swiftly mitigate any unforeseen drops and always maintain a standard above 60%.

  6. I was also tasked with requirements such as unlocking the store devices due to downtime or simply put when the systems get overwhelmed, along with till support to staff members whenever necessary. 


Suburban FIber Company LTD | Abuja – Nigeria 

Internship | Assitant Developer  

Jun 2021 | Dec 2021 

  • Oversaw system wireframes, aligning them with UI/UX designs and validating compatibility with existing front-end features.

  •  Utilized Laravel, Vue.js, and Figma for back and front-end development, resulting in a 25% reduction in website loading times.

  •  Strategically reduced code legacies, optimizing the company's website for improved performance and user experience.

  • Collaborated with senior developers, acquiring ethical coding practices and insights for a smooth transition from classroom to practical application.



Over the years ive been able to effectively develop innovative prototypes and design solutions from a wide range of problems & organisational needs using cutting edge tools such as figma and web applications like and to easily translate tech solution for real life scenarios.  

2019 - Present

Project Management 

During my undergraduate yeaars and in my career ive been able to sussefully manage IT projects from the integration management phase down to the stakeholder manegement phase all from the 10 project management Knowlwdge areas. 


Along with Web and mobile development projects from the problem statement to the testing and deployment phase of the projects. Utilising key project management tools such as trello along with agile and scrum methodologies along with version control tool like git with communication tools such slack,micro soft teams and a time tracking tool such as toggl to help deliver innovative project solutions.       

Ive had the opportunity to work with an adequate amount of data from numerious tables, datasets & data bases where I was able to leverage proven knowlage in modifiying and translating raw data into meaningful and actionable data using NoSQL and SQl to store & retrive data.With the help of power BI tools and  Microsoft Access relational database management system I was able to generate relivant forms and reports as well to enhaced productivety.   

2019 - Present

Java | Android 

With Java I was able to develop using android studios as the primary IDE. This gave me room to delve deeper into app developement mainly for android devices. Using java for solely  functionality and xml for layout and visuals of the apps. 

After getting confortable with the SDK, Emulator & coding practices I was able to harness skills in Layouts by making them more fluid and flexible along with string externalisations by createive simple interactive apps using some media player files and also  managing event listeners and screen rotations.


During this time ive also been able to explore recycleviews & different gestures to optimise app performance along with passing objects between two activities using pacelable & intent as well as creating apps with multiple layouts and activities. I aslo worked on fragments and its communications to help support dynamic UI.          


2017 - Present

2018 - Present

C# | C++ | OOP

Developing for me in this section is the most convinient as ive had the most experience coding in C# and C++. 

I have worked on Projects that directly involed the use of OOP principles such as inheritance, polymorphysim, encapsulation & abstraction which enabled me organise and structure codes in a resusable and maintainable manner.


Ive work on libraries such as SwinGameXamarin Libaries to modify game structures and fuctionalities as well as perform test driving programming using Xamarin with Nunits and NetBeans IDE with CPPUnits.      

Prototype | UI/UX

2018 - Present 

Data Base Analysis

2019 - Present 

2017 - Present

Software | Web Developemnt 

Working on Computer

Tools | IDE | Frameworks 

Xamarin Studios 


Angular | pigeon table & chart  


Visual Studios

Git | GitHub


Micro Soft SQL Server 

Android Studios 

Microsoft Access 



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