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Alexander Iskandar

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Data . Analysis . Web . Software . Developement . A.I   


I’m a Developer based in London.

I just concluded my Master's in Computer Science from York St Johns University coupled with a prior Software major bachelor's degree in Information & Communications Technology from Melbourne Australia. 


During my studies, I was able to work part-time where I provided crucial IT consultancy services at H&M's Flagship store Oxford Circus London.


Previously I was able to Intern at Suburban as an assistant developer for just over six months before the start of my Master's Program. 

My Portfolio 


In 2023 I was able to complete a design for a mobile application that would assist both Managers and staff in a shift-based working environment estimated to be about 30% of the global workforce to Manage shifts in real time easily.

Managers would be able to allocate shifts swiftly and manage other key user requests such as holidays, Days of Requests, and shift queries within the same mobile platform. On the other hand, staff members can see and access schedules in real-time as changes are made to the timesheets. Such users can also opt to amend schedules to better fit their personal and organisational needs hence boosting efficiency and effectiveness with adequate work-life balance.  


Kindly find Photo snippets from all projects below the project description.     

Figma | Xcode | Swift 

Improving Rota & Shift Handling System | Mobile Application Design

This project Was the final project I took part in during my Undergraduate Studies with two other team members. It was our final semester so we had to show and exhibit prowess using Agile scrum methodologies for the SDLC of the project which was pivoted towards tackling the challenges University staff members & students faced while managing Portfolio Units during a semester.

A design solution was developed through a booking system to help manage and keep track of appointments between staff and students as this type of module requires a high volume of back-and-forth iterations between staff and pupils.   

Modular Consultation Management System MCM | Progressive Web Application PWA | React | Xamarin | Trello | MS Teams 

Data Base Analysis & Design 

SQL | NoSQL | MySQL | Angular.js | Microsoft Access | VS code 

During my career in development I was fortunate to also have been exposed to data and by this, I mean the importance of data with all the actionable insight they mostly tend to possess if handled and managed properly. I learned by adopting skills through basic prompts and command line codes that assisted in transforming datasets and tables such as using SQL comands. I was able to perform numerous inner & outer joins, and merging, I've also managed to create tables by dropping them and populating them by inserting appropriate rows within the datasets and more. This enabled me to use Power BI tools to visually represent such filtered datasets. I was also able to use a dynamic tool called Pigeon Table and Pigeon Chart to display MySQL results in table & chart form in compliments to Highchart Frameworks for easier visualization.     

Web Applications 

This Aspect of development is another area that I find to be very passionate about as it involves areas I'm proficient at designing and coding in due to its development environment which allows much flexibility in design. HTML 5 enabled me to code more responsively with more native support and using CSS, Tailwind, and Bootstrap enabled more responsive and user-friendly design solutions, On the other hand, I was able to use Javascript for some key functionalities such as form validation as well as adding some dynamic motions and actions to the websites as well as using PHP for the necessary server-side scripting to ensure the database and tables were all set up accordingly. I've been able to design some rental service websites with their appropriate pages such as home,  products, terms & conditions, Contact, inquiry, disclaimer pages, and more.           

Java Script | PHP | Angular.js | CSS | HTML | Bootstrap | Sublime 

For this Technical environment, I have used the virtual machine to simulate various scenarios where I have managed to deploy all possible operating systems as well as perform key setups and maneuvers. I have got the ISO files from the internet and deployed Android 86 and also did the same for Windows and Linux. With Linux, I could install Ubuntu 14 on a virtual machine by VirtualBox which enabled me to explore the Linux operation through the Ubuntu distribution where I used  Xdiagnose to configure resolutions and make other proxy and account configurations. The configuration of the update manager and synaptic package manager was also possible by